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           All Names-1905 Baby PiC Book

All the names in the 1905 Babies and Children  pic book  are now listed here.This page will have the page # and the names of all the babies or children that are on that page. Good Hunting.

The following names can be found in  "The 1906-Lorain County Ohio   /  Monroe....Picturesque and Industrial Pictures book".  at the Lorain Public Library, located on the second floor. When you reach the top of the stairs,turn left and go all the way to the  3rd   aisle on the right from the back, about 3/4 of the way down,across from the gray cabinets, about chest high you will find this book.They have only one copy so you can not take it out.You can zerox what you want.

The call number is  SC  977.123   Monroe.


                                              Search for your Surname:


Go to the top of the page and click on edit, then click on find, and when the box comes up, put your name in the box to see if your surname is listed. Use ctrl f. If you find your name, click on the pic under the page  to bring up the picture page, and if you do not find your name, click on back to take you back to the main page. Enjoy the pictures.        



                        Page 15

1.Adolph Stark 2.John Judge 3,Lewis Kossuth 4.Willie Powers 5.Clayton Thompson 6.Howard Vegley 7.Gertrude Struck 8.Frank May 9.Hazel Thomas 10.Aurelia Minich 11.Celia McGuire 12.Gatlord Bebout 13.Marguerite Williams 14.James Joyce 15.Marian Parker 16.Beatrice Royer 17.Esther Dute 18.Leroy Pheil 19.Lottie Bruner 21.Sadie Rodgers 22.John M Martin 23.Ismay Hobill 24.Willie M Martin 25. Beulah Probert 26.Leona,Frank and Willie Tite.27.J Herald Luckey 28.Ruth E Luckey 29.Irene Wilmott 30.Marguerite and Mary  Snyder    31.Malcomb Fobes 32.Russell Lucas 33.Herald Chamberlain 34.Ruth J Elliott 35 Jane and Katherine McGuire 36.Gladys Prosser 37.Marjorie Slanden 38.Carrie M Weed 39.Walter Ladd 40.Fern,Frank and May Rhodes 41.Winifred Tran 42.Francis Hawkins 43.Lucile Baus 44.Thelma Sackett 45.Vincent Kelner  46.William E Joyce 47.Edie Zube 48.Gladys Coleman  49.Phoebe and Marie Wait 50.Gertrude Miller  51.??? Hadaway 52.Wilford Reed 54.Edna West   55.June Crowell 56.Alice Everard 57.Evaline Boughton 59.Walter,Myron and Gladys Powell 60.Kenneth Lord 61.Gladys Nichols 62.Charles Davis 63 Ruby Standen  64.Robert Berg


              back                         pic


                     Page 24


1.Mildred Wetzel 2,Ruth Ferriman 3.Theodore Maddock 4.George Kellogg 5.John Chamberlain 6.Harley Scott 7.Morris Scott 8.Theodore Manns 9.Phineas Guthie 10.Irene Jungbluth 11.Louis McCullough 12.Thelma McCullough 13.Blanch McCullough 14.Helen Smith 15.Marian Park 16.James H Joyce 17.Geraldine Hurley 18.Anna Sybold 19.Dorris Pease 20.Emma and Earl Alexander 21.Ralph Walton 22.Virginia Garrett 23.Clifford Hennings 24.Maxine Davis 25.Lawrence and Carl Waite 26.Lillie,Henry,Myron and Geneva McRoberts 27.Roy Mason 28.Wilma Johnston 29.Edna Bracy 30.Seymour Falkner 31.Robert   Elliott 32.Howard Rawson 33.Gladys and DeForest Kelly  34.Ida Hinkle 35.Cora Workman 36.Ethel Reisinger  37.Neil and Cassie Hale 38.Reed,Arthue and Huge Greer 39.Martha Lucile Morrow 40.Dorris Brewer 41.Charlie Parks 42.Minnie and Ruby Parks 43.Ellis Ryan 45.Marian Weaver 46.Clyde Wright 47.Kenneth Lord


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                     Page 29  


1. Clara Emmert 2.Norman Betteridge 3.Vernon Baker 4.Dorothy Adams 5.Frank Kaiser 7.Clarence Phiel 8.Stella Standen 9.Walter Struck 10.Florence Struck 12.Edgar Surridge 13.Clarence Sutcliff 14.Susie Wilford 15.Marguerite Kneehtges 16.Mildred Lucas 17.Hazel Lucas 18.Emily Sutcliff 19.Ralph Hallaur 20.Hazel Hathaway 21.Williard Hathaway 22.Howard Goodyear 23.Ethel Goodyear 24.Jack Lucas 25.Mabel Raffening 26.Elston Rawson 27.Gertrude Diederich 28.Ethel Rosa 29.Esther Krugman 30.Jessie Bella Hathaway 31 Rollin Champney 32.Rosa Kinzel 33.Cyril Miller 34.Edward Canfield 35.Imogene Canfield 36.Lyle Reisinger 37.Ruth Carpenter 38.Curtis Tyson 39.Leona Hagg 40.Norman Tildes 41.Loretta Hales 42.Eugene Knechtges 43.Thomas King 44.Lawndon McCran 45.Mabel Battenhouse 46.Edith Battenhouse 47.Marie Foreman 48.Russell Lucas 50.Richard Johns 51.Herbert Bommer 53.Clifford Hart 54.Glen Rhul 55.Ruby Rhul 56.Cyril Miller 57.James Justin 59.Russell Canfield 60.Imogene Canfield 61.Evaline Boughton 62.Dorris Wolcott 64.Mabel Champney 65.Oscar Betteridgr 66.Edward Canfield 67.Mabel Knechtges 68.John Chamberlain 69.Lawrence Hadaway 70.Dorothy L Wise 71.Minnie Brown 72.Walter Jantz 73.Theodore Maddock 74.Merle Howlett 75.Myron Fowl 77.Leon Artress 78.Marguerite Hewctt 81.Chester Baker 82.Mamie Baker 83.Ben Jones 84.Floyd Chamberlain 85.Mary Chamberlain 86.Rosa Beesing 87.Rea Beesing 88.Nelson Hitchcock 89.Eleanore Hitchcock 90.Edward Smith 91.Ethel Smith 92.Anna Loveland 93.Henry Loveland 94.Marie Foreman 95.Harriet Edmonds 96.Ralph Williams 97.Henry Edmonds 98.Frank May 99.Willie Powers 100.Ruth Lucky 101.Herald Lucky 102.Irene Wilmott 103 Ruth Barris 104 Hazel Thomas 105.Ralph  Mower 106.Malcolm Forbes 107.Willard Hathaway 108.Myron H Edmonds 109.Wanda Spicer 110.Adelbert Godfrey 113.Catherine Uthe 116.Ruth Walsch


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                    Page 33  


1.Marguerite Miller 2.Leslie Sawyer 3.Estella Shanks 4.EdithBiggs 5.Carrie M Weed 6.Helen Fuller 7.Dorothy and sister Cahoon 8.Marguerite Ihde 9.Ruth Powers 10.Edith Jones 11. Mary Thomas 12.Esther Biggs 13.Irene Wilmott 14.Mildred Kimball 15.Florence McMillen 16.Minnie Lewis 17. Marjorie Conabee 18.Ronald Hinkson 19.Lela Joy 20.Howard Standen 21.Rollin Champney 22.Mary Hoerl 23.Marguerite Hoerl


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                    Page 39


1.Franklin Hoerl 2.Elmer and Marian Phipps 3.Georgia Miller 4.Marian Lent 5.Lizzie Sandrock 6.Alfred,Harry,Edith and Thomas Thomas 7.Peter Kaiser 8.Harry,George and Mile Standen 9.Luella Jones 10.Robert and Arnold Laubenthal 11.Horace,Maxineand Leon Ryan 12.Paul Fuller 13.Luella and George Jones 14.Lawrence Hadaway 15.Frank,Floyd and Reno Showalter 16.Marjorie Vogler 17.Herald Vogler 18.Lois and Zella Maddock 19.Clarence and Hulda Shubert 20.Mildred Lindersmith 21.Lena and Ruby Granger 22.Leone,Merle and Orville Lehman 23.Glen and Irene Hudson 24.Isma Hobill 25.Leonard Kuss 26.Truman Carmel 27.Charlie Batt 28.Lavon Robins 29.Alvin Gibbs 30.Leona and Minnie Brown 31.Ruth Harris 32.Lester Life 33.George Wharton 34.Alice,Burt, and Henry Standen 35.Herald Chamberlain 36.Emily Sutcliff 38.Harry Stagman 39.Kenneth Gott 40.Florence,Milton and Lucile Baws 41.John Swainack 42.Nora Gehau 43.Katherine Wilson 44.Loris Dachtler 45.Helen Brandt 46.Leland, and Marjorie Coe 47.Juanita Rice 48.Helen Cameron 49.Grace and Burns Martin 50.Helen Vanarsdale 51.Robert Sanders 52.Alma and Ruth Campbel 53.Minerva and Freda Gordon 54.Anna Sybold 55.Violet Huston 56.Richard Sanford 57.Clair Hurd 58.Hazel M Harris 59.Russell Lucas 60.Merle Hammer 61.Evelyn Smith 62.Gladys Inks 63.Herald Whitmarsh


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                    Page 43


1.Fenton and Vedia Standen 2.Ethel Regal 3.Agnes and Albert Craig 4.Laverda Gott 5.Harold  Chamberlain 6.Iva Fern and Violet Hadaway 7.Henry Wurst 8.Elizabeth,George and Mary Dunfee 9.Thelma Summers  10.Luther Dye 11.Vivian White 12.Ester Dute 13.Nellie,Alvie,Claud and Mabel Houghton 14.Vera   Lawrence 15.Dorris Reisinger 16.Thomas Biven  17.Marguerite Leusler 18.Harry,Iva,Bessie,and Ruby  Schwartz 19.Celia and Harry Holcomb 20.Helen,Mabel  and Esther Manns 21.Edna Spiegelberg 22.Sterling and  Lawrence Fuller 23.Lois E Neiding 24.Pearl Cornish  25.Lorenzel and James Renoid 26.Ralph Reed 27.Esther   and Gladys Zarnke 28.Zoe M Lanson 29.Raymond Crisp  30.Marguerite Abbott 31.Imogene Canfield 32.Mildred  Lent 33.Howard Standen 34.Helen Hartsook 35.Helen M   Carter 36.Oscar and Vernon Weisch 37.Gertrude Miller  38.Hartley Smith 39.Harland,Stella and Marian Squire  40.James Blaine 41.Arthur Bickel 42.Louis and Grace  Kelling 43.Virginia Wright 44.Katherine Wright  45.Ralph Wright 46.Carl Wright 47.Mildred Avery 48.Henry Winter 49.George Lyman 50.John and Mildred   McRoberts 51.Ethel Hill 52.Walter Shoup 53.Elizabeth  Midgley 54.Ivan,Fred,and Frank Bissell 55.Frank Traxler 56.Hubert Strothers 57.Harley Beese 58.Gertrude Fisher 59.Vera and Edna Griffith 60.Grace and Burns Martin 61.Agnes Craig 62.Edith,   Earl,Alice and Herald Benjamine 63.Lolita Hales  64.Elsworth Burkey 65.Francis Starr 66.Velzetta  Buswell 67.Kenneth and Kathleen Vaughn 68.Leona  Kaiser 69.Sherman Powell 70.Ray and Thelma Hollis  71.Myrtle Maxwell 72.Leona Jurmont 73.Elsie Sandrock  74.Lottie Gaudern 75.Mabel and Lillie Storer 76.Theodore Goetz 77.Robert and Lucile Loomis 78.Nora,Willie, and Frank Tite 79.Theodore Scott 80.Ralph Lowe 81.Lucila Bennett 


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                    Page 54        


1.Raymond Smith 2.Herald Joy 3.Eliza Dute 4.Philip McCartney 5.Katherine Kaiser 6.Ada Carpenter 7.James Carpenter 8.Harlan and Carleton 9.Catherine Hoeh 10.George Kellogg 11.Evalyn Blakesley 12.Marguerite Jacques 13.Leroy Phiel 14.Victor McMullen 15.George Westervelt 16.Maude Carter 17.Michael Ward 18.Patrick Ward 19.Leo Ward 20.Dorris Lenzaley 21.Huge Hogan 22.Marguerite Uhler 23.Treva Uhler 24.Samuel Uhler 25.Irene Stevens 26.Carl Stevens 27.Lester Rosenthal 28.Thelma McNeal 29.Pearl Burkey 30.Helen Standen 31.Lottie Life 32.Dorris Pease 33.Mary Coghlan 34.Ben Coghlan 35.William Coghlan 36.Raymond Coghlan 37.Estella Shanks 38.Elizabeth Wilcox 39.Eleanor Decker 40 Helen White 41.Kenneth Gott 42.Ruby Hales 43.Newton Baus 44.Leland Lyndes 45.Arthur Jackson 47.Kenneth Liebfried 48.Pearl D Powers 49.Phryne Buckley 50.Loren Buckley 51.Thelma De Loyd 52. Sterling Hadaway 53.Marie and Lofton Henderson 54.Theodore Whitney 55.Lucile Kramer 56.Bessie Kramer 57.Helen Kramer 58.Katie Kramer 59.La Verda Gott 60.Stanley West 61.DeForest Rimbach 62.Samuel McCartney 63.Barbara Fleming 64.Myron Sinclair 65.Ester Dute 66.Ralph Walton 67.Ralph Whitmarsh 68.Freda Cothe 69.Virgina Garrett 70.Esther Whitmarsh 71.Floyd H Hart 72.Holbert Waite 73.Mertie Waite 74.Frank Waite 75.Rena May Horn 76.Hartley Broadwell 77.Hazel Ash 78.Carl Horn 79.Hazel  Mills 80.Ethel Nash 81.Helen Standen 82.Wade Ellis Nash 83.Gershom Thomas 84.Ben Thomas 85.Bernice L Burris 86.Helen Case 87.Frank Lester Locke 88.Virgie West 89.Arthur Jackson 90.Nola Reuter 91.Paul Lyon 93.Edward Mertz 94.Arthur Jackson 95.Ruth Crehan 96.Katherine McCarvel 97.Marguerite Miller 98.Frank Burns 99.Dorothy Day 100.Howard Flowers 101.Edith Flowers 102.Ivan Bissell 103.Fred Bissell 104.Frank Bissell 105.Kenneth Peters 106.Marian Brown 107.Iona Packard 108.Hubert Strothers 109.Vivian White 110.Howard Moon 111.Herald Moon 112.Artress Moon 113.Paul Parker 114.Welden Parker 115.Dwight Parker 116.Marguerite Krupp 117.Edward Mentz 118.Frank Traxler 119.Dorothy Quick 120.Francis Richmond 121.Herald Chamberlain 122.Clayton Amsten 123.Adelbert Hauser 124.Ester Jones 125.Ethel Regal 126.Hazel Codd 127.Marie Kelbel 128.Louise Mathews 129.Melville Mathews 130.Baby Mathews 131.Adelbert Godfrey 132.Victor McMullen 133.Theodore Manns 134.Eugene Finegan 135.Morris Durkee 136.Leonard Hoenbocken 137 ? Clark 138.David Lewis 139.Arthur  Bickel 140.Paul Lyman 141.Myrtle Maxwell 142.Frank Traxler 143.? ? 144.Marguerite Krapp 145.Ruth Crehan 146. Ernest Reed 147.Theodore Seward 148.Marguerite Miller and Howard Standen 149.Hazel Wilson 150.Marian Wilson 151.Mildred Wolf 152.Herald Wolf 153.Edwin Siskey 154.Minnie Siskey 155.Marie Siskey 156.Sylvia A Davis 157.Catherine Barnes 158.Walter Barnes 159.Francis Richmond 160.Helen Brown 161.Elizabeth Greer 162.Mildred Thompson 163.Theodore Kelling


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                    Page 67


Only half of the pictures on this page are numbered


1.Viola Wall 2.John Sala 3.Howard Dye 4.Elroy Griffith 5.Irene and Iva Clark 7.Chester Showitz 8.Howard Hindert 9.Ralph Obitts 10.Lonnie Rodgers 11.Ruby Bechtel 12.Hartley Broadwell 13.Clarence Berg 14.Pearl Lentz 15.William Beese 17.George Layman 18.Helen and Summer Day 19. Ernest and Dorothy Pigg 20.Anna and Summer Jones 21.George Kellogg 22.Vivian Hadaway 23.Goldie Hilliar 24.Theodore Manns 25.Herald Bowen 26.Pearl Wall 27.Henry and Gertrude Wurst 28.Louis Kossuth 29.Byron Sweet 30.Russell Hilliar 31.Arline Wilson 32.Nellie Wurst 33.Edna Fuller 34.John Sala 35.Summer Jones 36.Bertha Shepard 37.Anna Fuller 38.Marvin Todd 39.Ethel Spitzer 40.Jessie Belle Hathaway 41.Fern Perkins 42.? Kelly 43.Walter Monroe 44.Wylie Monroe 45.Stanley Ellinger 46.Frank May


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                     Page 77


1.Franklin Hoerl 2.Rollo Hinkson 3.Karl Crawford 4.Irene Nichols 5.Irene Beaver 6.Hazel Caley 7.Lucile Loomis 8.Harold Bennett 9.Hazel Penfield 10.May Myers 11.Earl Vogelsong 12.Alice Moriarty 13.Clara Emmert 14.Viola Tincher 15.Marjorie Standen 16.Irene Race 17.Gertrude Parsch 18.Hazel McFarland 19.Edgar Surridge 20.Gladys Williams 21. Gertrude Wurst 23.Dorothy Day 24.Donald Cushion 25.Lawrence Webber 26.Carroll Griffin 27.Fern Walkden 28.Stanley Ellinger 29.Edwin Keys 30.Maurice Sawyer 31.George Probert 32.Donald Miller 33.Keith Manter 34.Mary Snyder 35.Fern Sales 36.Georgie Wharten 37.Lucile Kimball 38.Marie Bartinfelt 39.Wilfred Bartinfelt 40.George Kimball 41.John Bratton 42 Leroy Banister 43.Lucile Parsch 44.Grant Lincoln 45.Mabel and Alice Monroe 46.Edna Fuller 47.Charles Monroe 48.Robert Seward 49.Willie Tile 50.Gladys English 51.Carl Miller 52.Virginia Taylor 53.Marguerite Taques 54.Marguerite Havre


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                    Page 94



The pictures that are shown above, are NOT numbered

There are 2 sets of pics on this page. One pic has 16 pics and the other has about 59 pics. The one with 16 pics might be the one that is listed. I do not know.I will show the pic with 59 pics because somebody might reconize somebody in the Pic.

This is a Email that I received from Valerie about her cousin Olive Libbie Heighton who married a Monroe. Any additional info is welcome.



Delivered-To: hart@fiamg.net

From: Eirelavluc@aol.com

Date: Thu, 29 Aug 2002 13:40:50 EDT

Subject: Re: Page 94

To: hart@fiamg.net

X-Mailer: AOL 6.0 for Windows US sub 10578

Dear Hart,

I received the copy a couple of days ago, but due to my first grandchild, a daughter, being born a little early on Monday afternoon, I have been unable to reply to you. I greatly appreciate the effort you took to send that to me! In going through the other pages, I have found several other relatives. I would guess that this book was put together from pictures Mr. Monroe took over several years judging by the different ages of the individuals I am related to.

If the listing of individuals on your webpage number 94 refers to the smaller of the two collages, I would guess that the baby on the page is Marie Fuller, who was born on September 1st of 1905. She was the daughter of George Wilmot Fuller and Carrie Heighton, the sister of Libbie Olive Heighton (or Olive Libbie, but not Oliver), who married Mr. Monroe. (I don't know his first name, is it in the book anywhere?) Since it lists his wife as Olive Libbie Heighton, which is her maiden name, it must have been taken before they were married in about 1886. According to the 1900 census, his children list their father's birthplace as Kansas, and also the boys, so they must have returned to her family's area to set up shop. Maybe she was a mail-order bride?

Anyway, the boys, John, Charles and Willie Heighton are brothers, sons of Charles Heighton, Libbie's brother. According to family records, Willie was born in 1885 and died in 1888, so his picture had to have been taken during that time period. Charles Monroe is either Libbie's son, born in 1888 or possibly her husband, the photographer. Olive and Denzil Chamberlain are the adopted children of George Chamberlain and Emma Heighton, another sister of Libbie. They were born in 1886, and 1888, respectively.

I am considering asking my mother's sister, Harriet Michaels, for some help as she lives in Lorain. She is the wife of Ted Michael's who owned Michael's Studio, there in Lorain for years. The Heightons are my father's side. Interesting connection, huh?

Thank you again for posting this on the website, it will be interesting to see if I can find out more about the Monroes. An interesting sidelight, a couple of years ago I found a website of portraits of Hollywood stars from the 1920s with work by a C. Heighton Monroe. I haven't able to pursue it, but I am betting that this is Charles Monroe, the son of Mr. Monroe and Libbie Heighton, who's portrait was in the pages of that book! Here's a link if you are curious. A Flower Of Delicate Beauty I wrote to Don Spears, the author of the site, but he didn't know any history on the photographer. Oh, well! Someday I will figure it out. Oh, I guess I should mention my relationship to Libbie Olive Heighton Monroe. She is my first cousin, 3 times removed.

Sincerely, Valerie




Olive Libbie Heighton John Heighton Charles Heighton Willie Heighton Fred Blaine Charles Monroe Florence Beard Goldie Hilliar Russell Hilliar Margauerite Cordanno Olive Chamberlain Denzil Chamberlain Eddie Pomeroy ? Baker MArie Fuller


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                     Page 117


1.Arthur Kaiser 2.Zelma Berholt 3.Leona Kaiser 4.Wilma Johnston 5.Mary Dalton 6.George Sawyer 7.Dorris Sawyer 8.Hazel Waldolf 9.Russell Waldolf 10.Dorothy Adams 11.Russell Adams 12.Marjorie Standen 13.Louise Gorman 14.Dewey Gorman 15.Topsy Gorman 16.Lee Tompkins 17.Adeline Warden 18.Robert Seward 19.Hazel Salsbury 20.Genece Merriam 21.Ada Wallington 22.Ernest Pigg 23.DeForest Kelly 24.Leona Rapp 25.Eva Smith 26.Gladys Kelly 27.Earl Fowl 28.Kenneth Kolinski 29.Myrtle Burns 30.Dorothy Taylor 31.Forest Taylor 32.Ralph Cheney 33.Willard Hicks 34.Bernard Hicks 35.Robert Foster 36.Esther Allen 37.Carl Delfield 38.Wenzel Renaud 39.Hazel Boulton 40.Ruth Wright 42.Gladys Nichols 43.Gertrude Squires 44.Myrtle Hadaway 45.Byron Sweet 46.Lucile Avery 47.Gladys Reublin 48.Dorris Lensler 49 .Martha Lucile Morrow 50.John McRoberts 51.Clifford Hennings 52.David Lewis 53.Marian Park 54,Ralph Mower 55.Helen Moulder 56.Marguerite Emmert 57.Lottie Life 58.Clarence Pheil 59.Arthur Pheil 60.Russell Campbell 61.Marguerite Snyder 62.Benjamin Barnes 63.Louise Reasor 64.Robert Seward 65.Arthur Meinke 66.Dorothy Standen 67.Ruby Standen 68.Joseph Rodgers 69.Ralph Rodgers 70.Lizzie Millert 71.Ethel Hay 72.? Barres 73.? Goodwin 74.? goodwin 75.Roland Foster 76.Agnes Carland 77.Leona Jumont 78.Robert Nevins 79.Ellen Body 80.Marian Jarvis 81.Theodore Nevins 82.Arthur Kaiser 83.Richard Jones 84.Harry Monroe 85.Edward Cheney 86.Ruth Hamlin 87.Ruth Thomas 88.Jessie Hathaway 89.George Jones 90.Charles Hadaway 91.Carl Wright 92.Florence Abby 93.Lucile Loomis 94.Elizabeth Wilcox 95.? Gehaw 96.? ? 97.Edgar Surridge 98 George Lyman 99.Ralph Williams 100.Phineas Guthrie 101.Gladys Horner 102.Carl Neusberry 103.Lee Roy Reisinger 104.Ralph Cheney 105.Edward Cheney 106.? Horner 107.Clarenc Meinke


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                    Page 127


1.Brenton Eugene Brown 2.Walter Sala 3.Thelma Stocking 4.Ethel Reisinger 6.Karl Kaiser 7.Kenneth and Lucile Brown 9.Mary Mead 10.Ellis Johnston 11.Theodore Launden 12.Marguerite Lewsler 13.Harriet  Joscelyn 14.Don Allen 15.Prentice Lersch 16.Rolly Hinkson 17.Twylah Albright 18.Verona Jacobs 19.Henry ans Eddie Pomeroy 20.Francis Crow 21.? Greenwell 22.Esther La Rue Smith 23.Geraldine Sheane


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                    Page 128


1.Alexander Raymond Jackson 2.Charlotte Hafner 3.Helen Hafner 4.Earl Weiss 5.Harry Monroe 6.Harry and Gracie Heighton 7.Catherine Leona Jackson 8.Helen Irene Jackson 9.Charlie Monroe 10.Stanley Seward 11.Helen Betteridge 12.Earl Voglesong 13.Fred Blain 14.Wylie Monroe 15.Marian Crisp 16.Mildred Callet


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                    Page 142


1.Carl Diederich 2.Elbert Schafer 3.Louise Krahenbuhel 4.Francis Starr 5.Nelson Bechtel 6.Juno Charlotte Towner 7.Richard Green 8.Candace Felder 9.Katherine McCarvel 10.Benjamin Janas 11.Kenneth Knowles 12.Dewey Knowles 13.Neola Carmel 14.Truman Carmel 15.William Hill 16.James Hill 17.Earl Fauver 18.Mildred Fauver 19.Stanley Barden 20.Helen Brandt 21.Freddie Vehlber 22.Elizabeth Nash 23.Hazel Mills 24.Harvey Reed 25.Hazel Reed 26.Marguerite Newsberry 27.Ruth Tran 28.Albert Craig 29.Dorothy Sage 30.Harry Sage 31.Bessie Andrews 32.Henry Andrews 33.Edward West 34.John Martin 35.William S Wales 36. Robert Darling 37.Howard Wood 38.Karl Reisinger 39.William Robins 40.Willie Diederich 41.Henry Diederich 42.Katherine Wilson 43.Mildred Lindersmith 44.George Brandt 45.Floyd Lang 46.Ethel Daggett 47.Lonnie Rodgers 48.Gladys Mosley 49.Verona Jacobs 50.Laverne Truman 51.Caroline Armbuster 52.Eugene Downs 53.Jennie Finch 54.Gladys Coleman 55.Marvin Hawn 56.Mattie Hopkins 57.Marie Blass 58.Gertrude Sanders 59.Robert Sanders 60.William Hubbard 61.Eber Ward Hubbard 62.Laura Brown 63.Marguerite Marlett 64 Dorris Cheesman 65.Esther McGinty 66.Willie McGinty or Frank Opfer 67.Albert Opfer 68.Pearl Opfer 69.Charlie Opfer 70.Gertrude Standen 71.Harry Diederich 72.Harry Gilmore 73.ClaraRodgers 74.Gertrude Buckley 75.Dorothy Dawson 76.Francis Galbreath 77.Vernon Baker 78.Arthur Fox 79.Margurite Pellen 80.Thomas Greer 81.Elizabeth Greer 82.Ruth Lang 83.Raymond Lang 84.Margurite Spaeth 85.Catherine Spaeth 86.Nelson Bechtel 87.Harold Perry 88.Laverda Gott 89.Eddie Mann 90.Mamie Blass 91.Blake Gott 92.LeLand Gott 93.Victor McMullen 94.Ernst Hollis 95.Edward Hollis 96.Gladys Bielefeldt 97.Stanley Barden 98.Virgil Lawrence 99.Clarence Life 100.Theodore Langton 101.Homer Langton 102Leslie Elton 103.Marian Elton 104.Mary Woost 105.Benjamin Janas 106.Goldie Homen 107.Hans Winter 108.Dorothy Speery 109.Helen Speery 110.Walter Gaston 111.Harry Bratton 112.Robert Canfield 113.Harold F Biggs 114.Elizabeth Midgely 115.Earl Smith 116.Richard Burrett 117.Cecil Humphrey 118.Oliver Humphrey 119.Eva Goff 120.Eda Martin 121.Twylah Albright 122.Emilt Gwinn 123.Louise Barris 124.Raymond Barris 125.Walter Sanders 126.Donovan Granger 127.Charles Metcalf 128.David Lewis 129.Aurelia Smith 130.? Allen 131.Elsie 132.Richard Ross 133.Herbert Ross 134.Glenn Noster 135 William Knirim 136.Maynard Knirim 137.Maxine Davis 138.Birdie Plum 139.Walter Zarnk 140.Tena Engles 141.Bella Lenore Fatz 142.Edward Cheency 143.Homer Langton 144.Theodore Langton 145.Helen Decker 146.Ethel Walsh 147.Millie Walsh 148.Joseph Miller 149.Marle Miller 150.Millie Miller 151.Roland Blaine 152.Millicent Fralley 153.Winona Sherk 154.Russell Tayler 155.Karl Taylor 156.Elmer Webber 157.Anita Kritzel 158.Florence Kritzel 160.Sherman Powell 161.Florence Phipps 162.Lolita Dair 163.Lincoln Rawson 164.Williaqm Beal 165.May Sobers 166.Edwin Hoch 167.Katherine Hoch 168.Neil Hale 169.John Swanack 170.Howard Nanden 171.Eark Cook 172.Ralph Standen 173.Ralph Lowe 174.Esther Krahenbuhl 175.Evangeline Spieth 176.Clyde Spieth 177.Max Lynden 178.Rex Lynden 179.Florence Abby 180.Max Pember


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                    Page 178


   The pictures on this page are NOT numbered