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Delila West Dye Hartzell Obit


       Delila West Dye Hartzell

Weíre sorry to see her leave so soon... Dee Hartzell passed away December 8, 2009. Dee was born in Lorain, Ohio and had been a resident of Sandy Valley since moving here in 1998 with her devoted husband Dan. Dee was a very active and busy lady, moving from one project to another with the greatest of ease. A truly talented lady, specializing in everything from quilting to motorcycles and anything in between. She always made time for friends and family. Her husband Dan says of his wife, ďShe was a Jack of all Trades.Ē She loved Sandy Valley and belonged to the Seniors group attending their meetings and active in several group projects that they were involved with. Only a few days before her death, she was participating in the Culturati Craft Show, selling her beautiful afghans. Dee won the Chinese auction that day, a beautiful detailed denim jacket that she was very proud of. Dee is survived by her husband, Dan, two Brothers, Danny West and Dean West, a Son, Robert Hicks, her Daughter, Sherrie Revercomb, and her close friend and confidant, Bettygene Butz who was also her neighbor. Sandy Valley residents wish to convey their condolences to Dan and the family and wants to remind them that we are here for them anytime they need to talk or share memories, because that is what we do. I didnít know her but she touched me. On December 5th, I was helping at the Culturati Christmas Sale at Keystone. I met the sweetest lady there. Her name was Delila Hartzell. Oh my goodness, I hope I got her first name right. I know it was Delila or Delilah. I remember thinking her name was Delia as I typed all the programs and such for the sale. It was the only name I ever saw, so somewhere in all the paperwork it takes to pull something like that sale off we got it wrong (I donít know where it happened, but it did) and when she told me I felt so sorry that I got it wrong and I told her that wouldnít happen again. I didnít find out if it had an ďhĒ at the end or not but I knew that I would make sure it was on the record straight for next time she wanted to come grace us with her vibrant personality and her zest for life. You know how sometimes people just strike you as someone you are glad you were able to spend a little time with? Well, thatís what happened to me. At one point I had asked Dee what she was trying to win at the Chinese Auction, and she said she put all her eggs in one basket and it was for the Denim Jacket. She was so free with her enthusiasm at the prospect of winning it and just like it was supposed to happen, she did win. And we all knew she wanted it so bad and I for one remember screaming with joy. And I got to hug her and tell her I thought it was meant to be. And she screamed when she found out too, and it was so much fun seeing her freedom in her expressions. That little lady with her grey hair pulled back and tied in two beautiful tails on her head was one of the high points for me that day. I have an affinity toward human behavior and just watching her joy in her win, and her calm spirit as she sat sewing, gave me rise to how we are complete and absolutely everything we need to be, in our simplicity as human beings. Dee Hartzell gave me something that day without even knowing it. She gave me a sense of fulfillment, and wonder, and such joy that at one time while watching that sweet free spirit enjoying her day I came to tears. I came to tears while reaching into me, and letting myself feel her joy. I didnít even know her until that day, and when I heard of her untimely death I felt just as sad as I had felt joyous on the day of the sale. And while writing this I have laughed and cried again. To think of the loss her family is feeling now and the sadness. Iím so sorry for you all. But please remember, that for a few moments in my life Dee was my complete world and just for me, I know I received something from her that she must have given you all every day of her life and thatís big. We may not know why we were put here at this time, but for me, that day, Dee showed me just one of, Iím sure many reasons she came to this planet to live and love and laugh and cry. She gave so much in her face and her hands and her life in just those few moments for me. Thank you Dan, for sharing her with me for that small but so significant time in my life that day. Yours truly, Surely, Sandy Valley





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