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 Duthe Family Pic Key

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Notes on Dute1910.jpg from Valerie Gerstenberger, except where otherwise indicated. She believes it was taken in 1909 or 1910:

1.Lyda Miller (daughter of Nathan and Elizabeth Miller)

2 Julius Dute

3 Martha Eschtruth Dute (wife)

4 August Dute

5 Elizabeth Miller Dute (wife)

6. Probably George - eldest of 15 children of Casper Dute

7. Mary Kreutzberg Dute (wife)

8. Mary Eschtruth (sister of Martha) Dute wife of Anton The baby still puzzles me. I looked throughout the genealogy for a baby born shortly before this picture could have been taken. Came up with nothing unless some of my dates are wrong in the genealogy which they could be. I found some errors tonight.

9. Anton Dute

10 Eliza Dute Miller wife of Nathan Miller

11 Anna Dute Krugman (holding daughter -- wife of John Krugman

12Dorothy Agnes (daughter) Two other daughters would be too old to look like this if picture is 1910 as I believe.

13 Laura Miller (daughter of Nathan and Eliza Miller) (Later note: The man behind Laura and next to my mother is probably Laura's husband - Don Barbor. I knew him when he was heavier.)

14 ?

15 Amelia May Dute wife of Clarence Cooper -married February 1912 (my mother's sister)

16 Ruth Dute Griswold (daughter of August and Lizzie )

17 Ella Holzhauer (mother of No. 18.) She and her mother appear on several family pictures for what reason I have never been able to determine. Ella was my grandmother Eppley's sister. Not a Dute. (Note from FG - Ella was the wife of John Casper Holzhauer, grandson of Henry Heidenreich.)

18.Ruth Holzhauer Jauch (my first grade teacher) daughter of Ella Holzhauer

19. Albert Kern (husband of Aurelia Marie Dute) They lived in Michigan.

20 Harry Parsons (husband of Elsie Eschtruth Parsons)

21 Casper Dute ( son of Casper the patriarch-- owned grocery store.)

22 Harvey Dute (99% sure)(son of the patriarch) I doubt if this would be Jacob because his wife is not here unless she is home with a new born Leonard. These two men looked much alike. I didn't know Harvey, but I saw Jake at most of the reunions.

23 J. Henry Dute ( son of Casper, the patriarch)

24 Lulu Dute ( daughter of Henry He was quite a lady's man. He was about to marry for the 3rd or 4th time when he died.)

25. Mary Hollingsworth Dute ( wife of Casper, the grocer)

26. Elsie Eschtruth Parsons (daughter of Kate Dute and Ferdinand Eschtruth) They moved to Florida in the '20's. I still talk with daughter Joan frequently.

27.Aurelia Dute Kern daughter of Casper, the patriarch, wife of Albert Kern

28 Philip Braun ( husband of Ada Dute Braun) Their son, Paul and I were very close. The two families spent all holidays together until Paul and I married. (Later note -- not to each other. Paul married Ruth M and I married Bill Jenkins. Our marriages seemed to make the family gatherings more quiet, besides we were much older by that time. Besides Paul's sister Betty married soon after and everybody had their own families to get together.)

29. Minerva Miller (daughter of Nathan and Eliza Miller- they lived in Wellington. They were referred to as the Wellington tribe. There were 9 children and I foster child)

30 ?

31 .Clara Miller (daughter of Nathan and Eliza)

32.Ethel Dute Eppley (my mother)

33. I assume this would be Ada Dute (daughter of George and Mary Dute) I kind of recognize the eyes and she and Philip would have been married at this time and would have attended. Paul was not born yet so no baby.

34.Casper Dute ( Little Cass, son of J.Henry Dute) He had a small garage business in town. His son's ( Roy Casper) widow still lives in South Amherst. I see her at Senior Citizens of Amherst about once a month. Her son Roland has a Ph. D in Botany. He is a professor at Auburn University, Auburn, Alabama. He sent me some info a long time ago. Perhaps you two should hook up. He has a brilliant record. Phi Beta Kappa ,Magna Cum Laude,etc.

35. William Dute (son of August and Lizzie) Always smilling and quite a cut-up. 36. Reuben Dute ( son of Julius and Martha) One older boy was in Michigan. He was illegitimate, but the son of Jules and Martha. Scandal, scandal in those days. (Note from FG - later evidence indicates the father of Jay, the oldest, was actually named Henry Keller.)

37. Glenn Dute (son of August and Lizzie) I identified this by deduction.

38. Viola Dute Reinhard, Berg, Amosk ( daughter of J. Henry Dute) I can tell from the hair-do and eyes.. The baby she is holding is probably Walter. A daughter, Kunigunda, died in 1911 aged 2-- Walter was born in 1911. If this picture was taken in 1909 or 1910 this child would have to be Kunigunda.

39 ? I thought this might be Homer, but he should be 17 yrs. old in 1911 and that boy is not that old. I can't really find him anywhere. I really didn't know Homer except from pictures. It seems unusual that he would not have been at this gathering. Children , no matter how old, went to things like this. They would have been a real outcast to have stayed away. Homer, you know, was secretly married to Theresa Wagner from S. Amherst. It became known after the boat was torpedoed or when he went overseas. (Later note: The boy I thought might be Homer I am pretty sure is L.G. Miller. He and Bill were very close all their lives and it surely resembles L.G. whom I knew very well. Later note from Lois Dute Ditata: #39 does look like LG Miller...)

40 Kate Dute (wife of Ferdinand Eschtruth brother of Martha and Mary Eschtruth) (mother of Elsie) Checking the dates of Kate and her husband they would have been dead when this photo was taken, if indeed it was taken in 1911. So I guess I will have to say that it was 1909 or 1910. I am sure this is Kate. The man next to her could be Ferdinand. Both of these were dead before I was born. However, it also looks a little like Nathan Miller.

41. Harold Dute ( son of Casper and Mary), the grocer.

42.1 could have sworn this was Wesley Miller of the Wellington Dutes, but he should be 14 yrs. old in 1910. Maybe his height is deceiving sitting down. The girl in front should be a sister, but all of Wesley's sisters are much older. So I don't know. He surely looks like one of the Millers. Maybe he is a Krugman, but again his age is deceiving and the girl in front would only be about 5 or 6 -that would have to be Dorothy Krugman..??

43.John Krugman (husband of Annie Dute No. 11)

44. Later note: I missed Nelson Dute, son of Jules and Martha. Nelson is on the far right of the third row (if you count the children in front as Row 1) He is betwen Liza Miller and Annie Krugman who are seated in front of him.

45. Later note: The young man seated on the ground on the right (with tie) is probably Archie Miller son of Nathan and Liza. I have a wedding picture of Archie and it has a strong resemblance.

46. Later note: Daughters Nancy and Muriel think this is their mother Mildred Holzhauer, daughter of John Casper Holzhauer. The two bewhiskered men look like pictures I have seen, but don't know who they are. (Later note: The two bewhiskered men are behind Lyda Miller and Jules Dute. The one has a full white beard; the other has a full white moustache.)  

The above text was written by Valerie Jenkins Gerstenberger

Fred Griswold  commented on her notes