Hart's Early Families





Forsyth Family Tree information was given to me by my wife's cousin, now deceased, who wrote the book on the Forsyth. In 1971, he told me he had been doing this for many,many years. He told me that he hope his work would go into the archives in Washington DC. He told me that he was Genealogist for Clan Forsyth Society of the U.S.A. at that point in time. His work was passed  down to a Forsyth in Lockport,New York.                       

His address is:  

       Mr.  Edward Forsyth

       54 Beattie Ave.

       Lockport, New York  14094-                5035                                                                 

       Telephone #  1-716-433-6083

       Email          EdForsyth@aol.com

Mr Ed Forsyth wrote a email to me as follows

Yes, he did pass a lot of Forsyth data down to me but I am the one that got him started on the genealogy back in 1961.  I am Genealogist for Clan Forsyth Society of the U.S.A. & have done research on Forsyth Families for 44 years now.  

My wife contributed the Bradley information. Some from memory and some from information that she got from her cousin Hipple who lives in Harrisburgh, Pa.