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                                                   John T. Bradley 


John T. Bradley died on Sunday February 12,1916 at age 81. He was born in England.  He came to Middletown in 1880 with the late George Matheson.He was superintendent of butt-weld department of the old tube mill for 28  years. He organized the Berean Bible Class of the Presbyterian Church.  John T.Bradley who for the past 27 years resided on West Main Street, died at his home on Sunday morning at 8:45 o'clock, following a six weeks illness of a complications of diseases.Mr. Bradley was the son of George and Sabina Bradley, and was born August 18, 1834, in Bath, Somershire, England, and was educated in the school of the Church of England. In 1848, when but 14 years of age, he was taken by his father into the tube works of Felix Webb and Edward Cudd, at Wednesbury Bridge, whereunder general instructions, he began to learn the various branches of the business, remaining there about three years, At the end of that time he resigned his  position in order to take a similar one at the plant of John Russell & Company, Walsall, South Staffordshire, where he was subsequently made engineer and placed in charge of the mill, under his father. This position he retained until 1870, when he emigrated to the United States, settling in Pittsburgh where he was at once engaged as a millwright in the tube works of Evans,Clow, Dalzell and Company, remaining three years.In 1873 he went to Mckeesport, Pa., wherehe became general manage of the Butt weld department in the works of John Flagler, of New York, later assuming the entire manaagement of the butt weld plant. He remain until 1880, when he came to Middletown with the late George Matheson,  who purchase the old tube mill then owned by the late Col. James  Young, and then being used as a tobaco shed. Later another furnace was built and the mill remodled, and at the end of a year the lap- weld mill for making large pipe was laid out .Each year thereafter furnaces were built and this tube mill became  one of the largest plants in the  country, and was later operated by the National Tube Company. During all these years Mr. Bradley was Superintendent  of the butt-weld department of the plant and contributed largely toward the sucess of the enterprise. Among the many labor-saving devices and improvements introduced by Mr.Bradley in the making of pipe, the bell used in making butt-weld pipe was one of the most important. This  he introduced into the McKeesport mill having brought it from England. January 6, 1908 ,Mr. Bradley gave up his position and lived a retired life in his beautiful residencen West Main street which he built on a lot  purchased from Col. Young  in 1889. He was a member of the Presbytarian church and served as an elder for a great  many years. He organized the Berean Bible class of the presbyterian church, January 1, 1910, and was its teacher for a number of years, and of late Prof. H. B. Garver has filled his place as a substitute teacher. Before the bible class was formed Mr. Bradley taught a sunday school class in the church for twenty years. Mr. Bradley was a wel known and respected citizen of the town, and his interest in the spiritual welfare of the men under him was very great lending him to place Bibles in the mill while he was superintendent, for their perusal in leisure moments and to address to these words of counsel and admonition. His first wife died Nov. 23, 1903. On Dec 14, 1904, Mr. Bradley was married to Miss Mary Elizabeth Murr, of town.He is survived by his wife, six daughters, Mrs. William Bark of Elyria; Mrs Frank Miller of Waynesburg; Mrs. Peter Webb of McKeesport: Mrs. U A Hartman of  Sunbury; Mrs. John Henderson of Lorain, Ohio; Mrs Frank Earnest,Steeltown; three sons John W. and Sam Bradley of Lorain, Ohio; George Bradley of Elyria, Ohio; and sixteen grandchildren.The funeral service will be held from the late home  on West Main street, Wedesday afternoon at 2 o'clock. Rev. Thos. G. McCarrell, pastor of the presbyterian church, will officiate, and private interment will be made in the Middletown cemetary.