Hart's Early Families



  New Updates since July 23, 2002


1. 24th Hassenpflug reunion Pix with audio

2. Added new names to Hassenpflug tree

3. Added new names to Dellefield Tree

4. Made correction to All Names- page 94

5. Corrected William A. Glen to William A. Glenn.

6. Added Keith Buchs obit

7. Changed  Mary Hollingsworth to Mary Holzhauer

8. Changed Jay Keller's kinship

9. Removed the Jr. from Casper Duthe

10. Removed Valerie's kin

11. Change Jacob Schiable to Jacob Schibley

12. Added Diana Smith Obit

13. Added Deleonardis info

14. Fixed a typo error on John T. Bradley obit 


New update from December 16, 2002


1. Email address for Mark Weber not valid

2. Change to the Griffin Family Tree

3. New info on Chehey Family Tree

4. New info on the Neiding Family tree

5. New info on the Dute Family Tree


New updates from March 06, 2003


1. Pixs put on page 33- All names 1905 Baby Pixs

2. Pixs put on page 94- All names 1905 Baby pixs 


New updates from March 20, 2003  


1Added Otilla M Myers Obit

2.  Added Anna Katherine Duthe Eschtruth Obit 


New updates from April 16, 2003 


1. Added the following Dute Obits :

The following Obit was given to me by Karen Krugman  Her email address is :         miprofgenie@wwnet.net

Caspar Dute George DuteAnton DuteJulius Dute,      Ada Dora Dute KrugmanAugust Dute, Harvey Dute,       Jacob DuteCasper DuteWalter Dute,                                 Ralph Hasenplug, Anna Katherine Dute Eschtruth,             Ada Florentine Dute Braun,   Mildred Hasenpflug ,              Ethel Elizabeth Dute EppleyAmelia Mary Dute Cooper ,   Miscellenous Obits

I made the following pixs smaller for easy viewing.         

Henry-Rose Wedding, Rose Schueller, Rose,Rosella, Syl, Rosella Schueller, Grandma Schueller, Rose Oster, Rose-Henry.

Added stories for Weber, Oster,


New Updates from April 19, 2003


Added  a new line for the Schueller  Tree

Added Peter Schueller obit


New Updates from August 13, 2003


Added the 25th Hassenpflug Reunion Picture

Added Bertha L Schueller Mackert obit

Added 9 pictures of Peter Schueller's Old House and barns as it looks today, and barns on Oster Road and Abbe Road.

Added comments about the pictures by Linda Imhoff.

Added Bradley Photo Album. In this album I have added 8 pictures.

Added Smith Photo Album ( no pictures on page yet)

Added Florence H Sick Obit


New Updates from November 29, 2003


Added the Brooks-Lyons-Wire Family Tree

Made corrections to the above Family Tree

Added some family names to the Ruppe Family Tree

Added the Kelling's House pic to the Schueller Pic Album

Added a old map of Sheffield to the Schueller Pic Album

Added Peter Schueller's House to the Schueller Pic Album

Added Peter and Margaret's Pic to the Schueller Pic Album


New Updates from March 11, 2004


Added new info on the Ruppe Family tree

Added Armando Ponce De Leon Obit

Added Kathryn Smith Kirkhope Family Tree update


New Updates from May 24, 2004


Added new info on the DeLeonardis Family tree

Added new info on the Roemer Family tree

Added new info on the Lambert Family tree

Added " The Frank Lambert Story"   2 views

Added my wife  mother's picture to Bradley Photo Album

Added my son Brad's picture to  Smith photo album

Added Bradley headstones to the Bradley navigation bar

Added Schueller headstones to the Schueller navigation bar

Added Smith headstones to the Smith  navigation bar

Added my dog Rocky's picture to the Smith Photo Album


New Updates from November 11, 2004


Added Daniel Imhoff's wife to the Schueller family tree

Added Heidi Castro  Hasenpflug family tree info

Added Allynne Carol Hasenflue Grauel Obit

Added Anna Reid Dietz Marriage to the Bradley Tree

Added Anna Reid Dietz Bradley Obit


New Updates from August 25, 2005


Added David Czapp to the David Czapp Obit

Added Thelma Dellefield to the Thelma Dellefield Obit

Added George Dellefield to the George Dellefield Obit

Added Louise Dellefield to the Louise Dellefield Obit

Added Anthony Tony Silman to the Anthony Silman Obit

Added Anna Dute Krugman to the Anna Dute Krugman Obit

Added Sam Beal to the Sam Beal Obit

Added Ruby Bechtel Dayton to the Ruby Bechtel Dayton Obit

Added Michael Eppley to the Michael Eppley Obit

Added Eugene Krugman to the Eugene Krugman Obit

Added William Spiegelberg to the William Spiegeberg Obit


New Updates from January 07, 2006


Added Andrew Jack Donovan  Birth to Hassenpflug Family Tree

Added Ruth Louise Klockseim to the Dute Family Tree

Added Robert H West Obit


New updates from March 20, 2009


Added Margaret Mae Bradley Smith Obit

Added James E. Schueller Obit


New updates from January 25, 2010

Added Kathryn Lu Caywood Obit

Added Delila West Hartszell Obit

Added Robert L Bob Urig Obit

Added Roger Hobart Sick Obit


New updates from March 19, 2011

Added Daniel Kaye West Obit

Added Howard Lester Smith Obit


New updates from May 24, 2011

Added Charles Chuckie Smith Obit