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                                  The following story was given to me by

                                                         Ranae Eugene.

                                                  Her email address is:                               




Hello everyone!!!                                                                                  11/7/2004

Thank you for including me in your e-mail Jacqueline. It's so nice to hear from you. I haven't made much time to pursue the elusive Lambert's. I am still very interested. It seems that I have banged my head against  too many brick walls and needed a rest. Maybe I'll have a breakthrough one day.

I made notes after reading your e-mail because I have a few contradictions on the information you provided (hope you don't mind). Well, here goes:

1. I believe that Frank Lambert's father, Albert L. Lambert was a brass manufacturer in Ohio. I don't believe that he was ever in the copper piping business. However, I could be mistaken. Albert's occupation was taken off census records. And a city directory.

2. Nellie Lambert's son, Albert Abbott, was my Grandfather. Albert Abbott was the young man pictured with Clark Lambert (Clark's father was Frank Lambert).

3. Regarding Clark Lambert. The only information I have on Clark is his date of birth. I do (as mentioned) have a picture of Clark & Albert Abbott when they were teenagers (I'm guessing). I am also guessing that the Clark Lambert in the Social Security Death Records who has the same birth date as I do is "our" Clark Lambert. He died in Florida and I have never pursued getting a copy of his records. The death index doesn't give a town, only the state. I really don't know if Clark & my Grandfather were ever best friends. The only thing I do know is that they must have gotten together to have that photo taken. I would love to know if Clark ever married or had children. I also have a picture of Nellie (holding her son, Albert) and Frank (holding a baby, I'm assuming is Clark).

The information I have obtained through the years has come from a variety of places. I have had the pleasure of knowing Marilyn Tyler, who has been a wealth of information and a source of encouragement in my quest for genealogical information. I believe her to be truly amazing when it comes to research. I also have been given guidance from Deb Bromley who has also been very helpful. Jacqueline has also been generous with her family history. I have made contact with Mr. Hart, he has pointed me to his website, however, I have not taken most of my information from his site. I believe that some of the information regarding my direct line may not be correct. (No offense). On all documents I have seen regarding Albert Lambert, his middle initial is shown as L. not A. Hart's website shows Eloise B. married to Albert A. He may be correct and I may be wrong. Also, Nellie's son Albert (my Grandfather) had four children, not two. I think Mr. Hart has done a great job on his website and I envy him, I sure wish I could produce a website as organized as his. Maybe some year I will! I have also (years ago) went to the Family History Center in Schaumber, IL to hunt for information before the Familysearch website was even online. Not to mention many hours of sitting online trying to find a remote connection. I have contacted historical societies and have had a woman do research for me (so many years ago I can't remember). Not to mention the family members that I have pestered. My point is that I don't want anyone to think that I have "taken" any one website's information. I am very thankful and grateful to everyone who has given me help along the way. I don't want to take anyone for granted. I appreciate every bit of information anyone has ever given to me. I can only hope that I may someday repay the favors.

Please keep me in mind. I love hearing from all of you.

P. S. I live in Illinois, not Cleveland.

Take Care,



As for the issue of Albert Lambert's middle initial. I believe that I have a copy of a City Directory, a copy of Albert's will and several other copies of documents that show Albert's middle initial as L. I will make you copies or I can e-mail you the exact source, whichever you prefer. Again, this is what I believe to be accurate yet I may still be incorrect. Please let me know.