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The following Obit was given to me by Mariyln Tyler  Her email address is



William H. Spiegelberg
History of the Western Reserve
page 1143 - 1444

Copied by permission.

William H. Spiegelberg - A prosperous and well-to-do argriculturist of Lorain county, William H. Spiegelberg is carrying on general farming and dairying in Elyria township with highly satisfactory results, year by year adding to his wealth and his improvements. A son of George Washington Spiegelberg, he was born on January 23, 1863, in Amherst township, this country, of thrifty German ancestry.

John Spiegelberg, grandfather of William H., was born, reared and married in Germany. Coming with his wife to the United States in this country in Norwich, Connecticut, and there two children (twins), George W. and a daughter, Olive, Mrs. Adam Stang, of Elyria township, were born. The following spring he started westward with his family, his original point of destination having been Fort Worth, Indiana. While on Lake Erie, a storm drove their vessel into Lorain harbor, and all the passengers disembarked. He hunted up a friend from the old country, and from him secured help and employment. Working with persistent energy, he accumulated money and subsequently bought, in Amherst township, the farm on which he spent the closing years of his life. He married, in the Fatherland Barbara Heisner, who died on the home farm in Lorain county.

Although born in Connecticut, George W. Spiegelberg was brought up and educated in Lorain county, Ohio. Beginning his married life on the parental homestead in Amherst township, he succeeded to its ownership after the death of this parents, and managed it successfully until his own death, April 14, 1902, becoming one of the most highly respected agriculturists of his community. He married Elizabeth Kolbe, who was born in germany in 1840, a daughter of N. W. and Elizabeth (Heisner) Kolbe. Her parents emigrated to Ohio in 1856, and after living for a while in the village of Lorain bought a farm near by, at Oak Point, where the present park is located. Mrs.Spiegelberg continues to reside on the home farm in Amherst township. To her and her husband ten children were born, namely; Barbara Elizabeth, who married Jacob Eschtruth, and has two children, Clara E. and Harvey G., William H.; Mary, wife of Moses Eppley, has two children, Milton and Frances; Olive, wife of John Bechtel, has one child, Amelia; Louisa, wife of William Beal has two children, Clarissa and William; Carrie, is unmarried; Elizabeth, married J. F. Fowle, and they have two children, Ruby E. and Bertha C.; George, a twin brother of Elizabeth, lived but one year and fifteen days; Amelia is the wife of Frank Rahl, and Louis, who married Odella Smith.

Growing to manhood on the home farm, William H. Spiegelberg assisted in its care, remaining beneath the parental roof-tree until his marriage. The following ten years he farmed on rented land in Amherst township, and then settled in Elyria township. Locating on the John M. Vincent farm of one hundred and twenty-eight and one half acres, he rented it eight years, and then purchased the estate. Mr. Spiegelberg has made improvements of great value on the place, his beautiful house of thirteen rooms, built in 1908 is equipped with all modern conveniences, including up-to-date lighting and heating systems, being one of the most attractive rural homes in the county. In 1909 he completed his large bar, seventy-two feet by twenty-six feet. Mr. Spiegelberg carries on general farming, paying much attention to dairying, and deals largely in hay, of which he raises abundant crops, and on his farm has a valuable sand pit, which brings him in quite an income each season. He is especially energetic, and in addition to managing his own farm carries on the adjoining farm, belonging to Mrs. Andrew Johnson.

In March 28, 1889, Mr. Spiegelberg married Lydia A. Eppley, and of their union six children have been born, namely; Elmer William, who died at the age of ten weeks; Edna Catherine, Earl William, Lydia Alberta Elizabeth, Ruth Marian and Marian Elizabeth

* * * * * *

All mentioned persons are buried at North Murray Ridge Cemetery; additional information available:                                                                                                     

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