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The William Smith Story

Hartley's Sr Baby Pic

80 1905 Baby pic

All Names 1905 Baby Book

Smith Photo Album


Smith Headstones




Forsyth-Bradley Tree



Bradley Photo Album


Bradley Headstones


Little Rosella Schueller Pic

Rose-Rosella-Syl Pic

Rose Schueller

Henry-Rose Wedding Pic

Grandma Schueller Pic

Rose Oster Pic

Rose-Henry Schueller Pic

Schueller Photo Albu



Old Schueller Trunk


Schueller Headston

Hassenpflug Tree




Heussner Pic

Clyde F Heussner Pic

Church Outside Pic

Church Inside Pic

Anna Katharina Pic


Duthe Family Tree



Ray Dute Pic

Mary Heidenrich Pic

Casper_Dute pic

Casper 14 Children

George Johannes Duthe Pic

Casper Duthe Farm Pic

Duthe's Family's Pic

Duthe's Family Pic Key

Unknown Duthe Pic


Dellefield Family Tree



Dellefield Sisters Pic

Dellefield Family Pic

Dellefield Photo Pic

George Michael Pic

Anna Marie Dellefield Pic


Frank Lambert's Family Tree


New Updates (New)

Miscellnous Obits (New)

















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